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Trout Town USA   By Brenden  Ryder (Grade 8)
We live in a town that many fishermen love to visit. People from all over the world come here to try to catch fish. People come here from the first cast in April to the very last cast. People use many kinds of fishing rods and reels, like a spinning reel, a bait caster reel and a rod.  This town,
Roscoe, can also be a great place for having learning to fish experiences for younger children. Fishing can be family time activity as well as an individual hobby. I have had many fun times fishing in the Junction Pool,  the Willowemoc and many more local places.
Just throwing a cast in the water is fun. Some days you have no bites while fishing and the next time  you might have the best of luck and catch a bunch of fish. I have caught many fish out of rivers in the Roscoe area.  Just getting a bite sometimes makes me excited.  I can't wait for April 1s t  and start thinking about it    when it's January.  I love to fish.  I have a whole tackle box full
of lures and other baits. I have seven fishing poles myself, all different varieties, five spinning reels and two baitcasters. This year on the first day of fishing season I was up at 6:15 am and fished until 7:25 pm.  In my opinion, fishing is the best sport  ever. I have been fishing since I was five years old. I love it, it takes my mind off things and there's never a dull moment. Just sitting by the water watching the fish move in the current is fun ' for me. If I could fish 24/7 I would.  But, I have to do all my school work before going fishing. When the fish bite and fight
as you work to reel it in the experience and excitement is so amazing. When the fish comes up out of the water it is the best feeling ever for a fishing lover.
I like fishing for a variety of fish such as trout, bass, perch, bullheads, pickerel and chubs. Our town is known for fishing and has many types of fish in the rivers and lakes. We have many fishing stores in our town. For example; The Little Store , Orvis, and the Catskill Fly and many more.  Fishing is life in Roscoe. I don't have my own fly fishing rod, but I do know how to use one. Also, I have learned how to make flies by hand to use for fishing. I know about the line, how to cast and how to bring the fish in. I will always love fishing and am so lucky to live in Roscoe.


Roscoe NY --- conveniently located about two hours from New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania --- has been known for decades as Trout Town, USA both here and abroad. Five of America’s top trout streams and numerous reservoirs and lakes are in our backyard, making this an angler’s paradise. Roscoe was named the Ultimate Fishing Town, USA by the World Fishing Network (WFN) in 2011, receiving 267,500 votes from countless supporters. See below the CBS Early Show report on this great honor.



 You might be thinking fishing is great, but what else does Roscoe have to offer? Try a wide variety of restaurants --- including the World Famous Roscoe Diner, which just recently won the title of the Best Diner in New York. The Spirit, Brew and Wine Trail runs right through Roscoe, with the Prohibition Distillery and the Roscoe NY Beer Company. Shopping at craft stores, antique shops, sporting good stores, and gift shops has something for everyone. And in surrounding areas you will find museums, concert arenas, covered bridges, and lots of great outdoor activities --- rafting kayaking, snowshoeing, etc.

So where do I stay! How about a cabin, a campground, or a historic hotel that presidents stayed at in the past? We have it all.









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